Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Beef and Broccoli and Oh So Hungry

Are you trying to tell me it's the last day of March already!?! How did THAT happen?

I'm starving right now. I ate dinner and two hours later, I'm starving. Guess what I had. Chinese food - bingo! Beef and broccoli, of the homemade variety, in case you were wondering.

I tried to replicate the beef and broccoli we get at our favourite Chinese restaurant, King's Fortune. OK, granted, it's the only Chinese restaurant anywhere near us, but it IS good, or we wouldn't bother with it, regardless.

Anyway, my homemade version was fine. I over cooked the broccoli, just a bit. It wasn't as good as King's Fortune but it was edible.

Now, it's 7:45 p.m., I'm ravenous and I have a scant 4 Weight Watchers points to see me through to morning. sigh. If you eat your own leg, does that count for any points? It should be a net loss really, when you think about it.

I did my weekly 5K, this afternoon. It continues to get easier. I REALLY need to put a more effective play list on my iPod, however. Slow, sad, angst-filled alternative music from the '90s isn't the most motivating thing to listen to when I'm trying to run up the hill, back to the house.

Living at the top of a hill affords good views and hard workouts. The worst part of the run comes right at the end, when I have to (one way or another) heave my busted, tired butt back up to the house. So far, I've been successful. When I eventually can't make it back up, that will be the sign that it's time to move. I don't anticipate that day coming for some time.

Anyway, I must dash. Easter prep begins tonight and continues through to Sunday. Busy. Busy.

If anyone out there has had great success recreating their favourite take-out dish, I'd love to hear about it. I'm always on the lookout for new recipes.


  1. I think there is actually a point value on the WW website for your leg. ;)

    I am rubbish at replicating dishes OTHER than beef and broccoli so no help there, just really dropped in to say Hi and announce myself as a new follower :)

    P.S. angst-filled alternative 90's music is pretty much my heart in a box. If you want some alternative 90's music with a positive feel try Jimmy Eat World. They always get me up and going.

  2. Pat Benatar is the BEST to work out to! :)