Monday, March 15, 2010

Hop on the Scale: It's Weigh In Time!

It's Monday again everybody. How'd we do this week?

I'm down 2 lbs! Huzzah!

I can tell that my fitness level is improving and I can feel my body shrinking. I've got my eye, well and truly, on the prize now. Look out England, I'm going to smoke you with my hotness! Not.

It's shaping up to be a glorious day today. It's still a little overcast right now, but I think the sun's trying to come out. It should be warm too.

The lady bugs have caught onto the change in the weather. The stupid things are all over the house right now and they're driving me up the wall! From what I've seen on Twitter and Facebook, they're driving a lot of other people nuts too.

Do they have lady bug infestations in England? If not they will soon. I'm sure there will be a few stow aways in my luggage. Just kidding. Please don't spray me down with insecticide as I pass through customs. I will make every effort to not infest the country with lady bugs. Stupid lady bugs.

How did everybody else do this week. It's time to fess up, good or bad. How'd you do?


  1. Good for you! I wish I could say I was down two pounds.

  2. I am down half a pound this week, not sure how that happened but I will take it. I am having a hard time getting motivated to get to the gym. I think the problem is I have nothing going on this year to look good for so it is easy for me to say I will get to the gym next week.

  3. Hmmm, maybe we need to come up with an event. I know, you should throw a luau this summer and wear a coconut bra and grass skirt. There's some motivation to get to the gym :-)

  4. Congrats! I found you on Friday Follow. I'm now a follower.

    Have a GREAT day!

  5. down two pounds as well! we just won't mention that I had already lost those 2 pounds...

    anyway, you GO girl!

    and lol about the ladybug infestation. I SO know what you mean--they're everywhere.

  6. Well have just dusted off the treadmill and done a 40 minute workout. Have decided to follow your advice and do more excercise,the scales are at work so I'll have to let u know tomorrow how I got on weightwise.P.s. no we don't have a ladybird infestation!

  7. I'm down a solid 4lbs...stress related, so I'm sure it'll be back by next week!

  8. I'm down 1lbs this week. I too am lacking motivation this year, but for me it is watching my diet. I don't mind working out 5 days a week, I just eat a ton of junk on the weekend and undo all my hard work.

  9. I really want to get in on this! Maybe if I put it out there I feel more accountable... we will see I guess!

    Congrats on your 2 lbs!

  10. This post is just what I needed. I just posted on my blog that I was feeling "down, but not out."

    Going to get my butt back to the gym (I was out of state for work last week and it totally screwed up my scheduling).

  11. Wow! We've had great participation with our weigh in this week. That makes me sooo happy!
    Kat, you can totally join in next week...drink the Foodzilla Kool-Aid - though I don't think you actualy need to lose any weight:-)

    Everybody seems to be doing really well. I'm giving you all a cyber high-five!

  12. Thanks for your support, Jen and everyone else! :)