Monday, March 22, 2010

Like It Or Not - It's Weigh-In Monday

I have floated, ever so gracefully, up a pound and a half. It was as I expected (this weekend's posts will fill you in on my foodventures), but I gained with such style that I don't think anyone noticed.

I'm not too worried about it. Easily on, easily back off. I'm on track today. My projection is, I'll have that 1.5lbs off by Wednesday. I'll try to remember to weigh myself again, to confirm. Otherwise, I'll just say I'm back down, based purely on speculation.

How did you do, this week? It's time to fess up...even if you gained a bit. Obviously, you're not alone. lol

Time for me to whip up a nice bowl of soup. We're having left-over Rogan Josh for dinner tonight. My food prep is on auto pilot today. Open a can and heat up some leftovers. Hard to veer off course that way.

Looking forward to every one's updates. Monday's are my favorite day for comments!


  1. I was very surprised when I got on the scale, I thought I would be up but was down half a pound. Sometimes you just need to enjoy yourself and just eat, I am sure you are right and the weight you gained will be gone in no time.

  2. Only lost a pound this week, Iwas really good all week then blew it a bit at the weekend, never mind better off than on!

  3. Up 2lbs! Gotta start working out again.

  4. Great job Nicki and Jen! Any loss is better than no loss - AND you both got to enjoy your weekends:-)

    I wouldn't worry about those 2lbs Kelly, you were WAY down last week, you had to give a little back, lol.

  5. I'm floating a couple of pounds up and down lately which is driving me crazy!

    My Greek meatloaf IS yummy. Feta cheese...carrots...I posted it on my blog forever ago ( but I probably should do it again. There weren't a whole lot of readers back then! Maybe I'll do a recipe throwback post every couple of weeks!

  6. no change for me, I hardly worked out this week so I'm not surpised

  7. I didn't even bother weighing myself. My son's 16th birthday was this weekend.

    You'll have to visit my blog to see pictures of the cake that I ate all weekend! :)

    Trying to get motivated to get back to the gym. AF is here, I'm tired and it's crappy out.

  8. I wish my weight would hold steady now and then, it just seems to bounce around all over the place.

    I'm struggling with motivation at the moment too Patty. I really hope I can get my act together tomorrow :-)

  9. Found you from SITS, but think I'm gonna hang around a while because Lord knows I need a little motivation in the poundage category!

  10. Jen and girls - I found a little motivation today and went back to the gym. IT WAS SO HARD!

    I did the stair-stepper and upped my level and I thought I was going to die! I made it though and I feel better.

    Just gotta keep being motivated.

  11. That's awesome Patty! One day at a time...and you done good today ;-)

  12. I didn't weigh myself but I was able to tighten my bra band and my pants are a bit looser.

    Stopped through SITS, now following!

  13. Thanks so much for your kind comments on my SITS FB Day!
    Love your site!
    I am now following you!
    Have a great day!
    Betty x