Friday, March 5, 2010

You're a Foodie? Seriously?

I've felt pretty crap-ola the past couple of days and could easily have caved on my plan, to use up the leftovers, in favour of some steamy hot takeout. But, I told you guys I was making those wan tan things and the thought of disappointing you made me feel guilty, so here.

My baked wan tans. They were really good and the family was impressed with my culinary prowess, so I'm glad I didn't cave and go the takeout route.

But, now to the real post.

I don't know about you, but I find it questionable when people refer to themselves as foodies. 'I'm a foodie. I like food. That's something unique about me.'

What does that mean. Does it imply that the rest of us don't like food, or that we don't like the right kind of food, or that our opinions on food are somehow less awesome? 'Yuck, I hate food. I never touch the stuff.'

I don't think I know anybody who doesn't LOVE food and have a very strong opinion on what constitutes 'good' food. Everyone's feelings on the subject are different and it can lead to a lot of disagrement, sometimes heated. My point is, saying you're a foodie is like saying you're a breather...I like air too.

We've got ourselves a food focused March. Our first foodcentric event is tonight's Lobsterfest! It takes place at a friends house. I believe it's the third annual, but this will be the first year our schedule has allowed us to attend. I think it goes without saying that the star of the show, this evening, will be lobster. I'll let you know all the succulent details in the morning.

Later this month I will be attending my second (second to me, it's been going on for a while) Hamburger Helper night. This is a great theme night. Everybody HATES Hamburger Helper and the challenge is to find one that's tolerable. This year, the theme has been expanded, to welcome submissions of meatloaf. It is now known as Hamburger Helper/Meatloaf Night. I'm pretty proud of my meatloaf recipe so I'm looking forward to it.

The next night is our inaugural meeting of Dinner Club! There are three families involved and each will take a turn hosting. Thankfully, we are not the first hosts. We'll let Marcie and Dave set the bar with there Mexican Fiesta. I'm super excited about Dinner Club and I'm already formulating a plan for when it's our turn.

So lots of edible fun to look forward to. Stay fresh foodies ;-)


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