Saturday, March 27, 2010

Summer Thoughts and Campsite Cookin'

My thoughts have, prematurely, turned to summer. The temperature certainly isn't helping but, in spite of the weather, I've started planning gardens, and picnics, and adventures and camping trips.

My friend Marcie sent me a link to enter a contest. It seems Canadian Tire is looking for camping recipes so they're asking people to submit their favourite. The grand prize is $3,000. That would certainly pay for a lot of summer fun!

I wasn't sure what recipe to enter, seeing as I really only know the basics of campfire cookery (marshmallow à la stick, wiener à la stick) and that's probably not what they're after. Then it hit me. I decided to elaborate on something I already knew how to do. I formulated a new, improved, gourmet S'more.

We made them for dessert this evening. As far as calories are concerned, they're not exactly guilt-free, but they're not going to kill you either.

My test kitchen guinea pigs gave the recipe a unanimous thumbs-up. Equal to taste, on the scale of importance, they were low hassle and would be easy to prepare at the campsite. So we’re actually likely to make them again, which is the hallmark of a good campsite recipe.

I'd love to share my innovation with you, but I'm entering the recipe in a contest, sooooo, ya. Sorry to disappoint. I'll share the recipe once the contest is over. It's actually quite good. I’m feeling pretty clever right now.

I guess this was a bit of a non-post, post. meh (shrug)

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