Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fake Pine and Sewage

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I never thought St. Paddy's Day was a very big deal, but this year EVERYBODY is wearing green! I love to see that team spirit, Go Irish!

I went for my second weekly run today. It's already getting easier to finish the 5 km. A lot of the challenge seems to be mental. This week, I was able to pace myself, control my breathing and I run comfortably the whole time. The only time I stopped was to pick up my iPod, when it fell on the road.

My little jog took me past a house that was having septic troubles. I really had no way around it. There were contractor trucks and equipment all over the place and the front yard of the house was dug up.

The air was ripe. It had a piquant, sewagey bouquet. Then, ever so gradually, the sewage smell was replaced by the smell of artificial pine. It got stronger until I was passing the open window of the contractor's truck.

'Holy air fresheners!' I thought. Then I made the connection. These guys dig up septic systems for a living. I decided they were entitled to have as many pine tree air fresheners as they could wrap around their rear view mirror and I cut them some slack.

We're at the halfway point this week. How are you doing? My workouts have been good, but my diet could be a little better. I'll try to eat really well tomorrow.


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  2. Will try to work out today. It seems "pointless" since I haven't worked out all week, but then again I don't think exercise is every pointless, no matter how much I hate it!

    Your description about the pine tree air fresheners reminds me of that movie Grumpy Old Men. Remember that part?? haha

  3. Any workout is better than no workout Peppermint Patty. You'll feel great when you're done. :-)

    It's been years since I've seen Grumpy Old Men!