Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Much Needed Shopping Trip

I bit the bullet, a few days ago, and finally bought myself some decent underwear. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a proper bra.

For a long time after I stopped nursing, I continued to wear nursing bras, because they had been expensive and I wanted to get my money’s worth.

Once I started exercising and getting fit, I made the transition to workout bras. They are very comfortable and I wore them all the time, whether I was exercising or not.

Much as I love my comfy workout attire, I decided that the time had come to purchase a proper, lady-like, supportive garment, or two. So I went to LaSenza where I could be assured of quality and selection.

Here’s one of my new acquisitions. I can’t show you the other one ‘cause I’m wearing it.

If you think I’m going to post provocative photos of myself in my underwear, you’ve got the wrong blog. You wouldn’t want to see it anyway. The pillow looks better in its underwear than I do.

They were pricey compared to the shoddy stuff I’ve been buying at discount stores (which shall remain nameless). They do the job though. The girls are padded, supported and pushed up front and centre.

X Country Skiing

I promised you, earlier this week that would dust off the skis and take them for a spin. Today is the day. I am definitely going skiing. Off I go. Right now...bye.


  1. Very cute bra! Be careful wearing it in front of the hubby ya might be wearing maternity clothes again LOL ! Good luck on your exercise plan, it takes a lot of determination. That was one my resolution. Its mid Feb. and I have done nothing about it. Its a coming though....zzz ! : )

  2. Well if you need some support with your resolution, feel free to stop by again and you're always welcome to do a progress update with us on Mondays! :-)

  3. Love the bra!
    Stopping by from SITS to say Hi!
    I am adding you so I can come back & read more!
    Please stop by!

  4. Thanks Denise, I'm coming to visit you right now.

  5. I love that you made the pillow wear the bra :)
    Once a year I like to splurge on a nice bra, they fit so much better than cheap ones, and as long as you are careful washing them they can last long enough to make them worth it.