Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chilly Willy Cook-Off

This weekend, I journeyed back to the land of my birth. Nothing says home like sighting a large woman in stirup pants and Brantford never lets me down.
Foodzilla (that's me) is evolving into a bit of a weekend warrior. Today, the battlefield was the Chilly Willy Cook-Off in Harmony Square. It was a surprisingly successful event! The place was packed, people were skating on the ice rink, the band was actually decent and the chilli was good.

I sampled seven different chillies, ranging from glorified spaghetti sauce to gourmet chilli with loads of toppings. The samples were small enough that, all together, I probably ate about the equivalent of one full bowl.

I voted for the chilli from The Piston Broke. Not because they were the very best but because, I felt, they were a firm second and wouldnt get the recognition they deserved. I also voted for them because they have an insidiously funny name (it took me a while to finally get the joke - a little too long, truth be known) and because they complimented me on my chilli cook-off hat.

Shockingly, I was the only person there who remembered to wear their chilli cook-off hat. Weird, eh?

Even if you forget about the chilli cook-off there have been a lot of goodies this weekend. I hope tomorrow's weigh-in hasn't been effected too much...see what I mean by weekend warrior?

Don't forget to stop by tomorrow and give us a progress report. It really helps to have someone or some group to be accountable to. There's even research to back me up on this. 'Til tomorrow then.


  1. mmmm chili. I didn't know I like chili until today. mmmmm. Well done Brantford...well done.

    Oh and Jen...don't make fun of my stirup pants, it makes me shame eat.

  2. It's not your stirup pants that bother me. It's the speed-skating unitard you where to the mall. It makes you look like and alien.

  3. Kirby's took it again this year.