Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Weigh In

It's been a week! How'd we all do?

I'm down about two pounds. I weighed myself on my parent's scale and, while I'm sure it is calibrated properly, it was hard to tell exactly where the needle was. So I lost 2 - 2.5lbs. Regardless, I'm down and I'm happy.

Sing it with me: bow, bow, bow, another pound bites the dust, and another pounds gone and another pounds gone, another pound bites the dust!

How did everybody else do? Leave us a progress report in the comments section...even if you're up a bit (it helps to be accountable) and if you're down, we can celebrate with you!


  1. Well Jen I weighed myself today and have lost a whole 2 pounds! Ok it's not great for my first week,but I didn't really start till Thursday so it's not too bad. Am going to be really good this week and have a big loss next Monday. Keep the inspiration coming!

  2. I had a bad week, I was home and bored most of the week so what did I do, I ate everything I should not have. I am hoping to have a better week this week, going to try and eat better and make an effort to get to the gym

    So I am up 1.5 pounds so in total I am up 4 pounds since my vacation.

  3. Good work Jenn,2lbs since Thursday, that's awesome!

    Nicki, you should have gone to the chilli cook-off - cleans you right out. I'm probably down a couple of pounds just today ;-P

    Where's everybody else? I know Shannon's in T-Bay, but where's nhoward?

  4. I'm here, I'm here. I don't like to weigh myself until after I's how I cheat. I'm down 1 lbs this week. I "ramped up" my workout for the next two weeks and it hurts in all sorts of different ways so I'm hoping to put up some big numbers in the next little while.

  5. Awesome! Let us know how the ramped up workout goes.