Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Get Out and Have Some Fun This Winter

I went snowshoeing with my sister yesterday. It was the perfect day for it too. It was warm enough to be comfortable yet cold enough for nice fluffy snow. We’re very fortunate to have some beautiful wilderness trails in our area.

Huffing and puffing our way up and down hills, we panted our agreement that we were having a great time. Being stuck inside the house all winter is boring and depressing and sucks, but if you can get out and enjoy everything the season has to offer, you’ll find that winter isn’t bad at all.

A lot of people say “I just don’t like the cold.”

To those people I say, “Get over it!”

Rule number 2 to combat Foodzilla

Thou shalt overcome thine aversion to cold.

As my husband is fond of saying, “There’s no such thing as too cold, just under dressed.” Once you get moving you’ll break a sweat no matter how cold it is. Grabbing some sunshine and fresh air is especially important at this time of year. It can really pull you out of your winter funk.

There are plenty of outdoor activities you can use to inject vitality into ho-hum winter days.

· Skating – inside or outside, it will get the heart pumping

· Downhill skiing – for daredevils

· Snowboarding – for ├╝ber daredevils

· My personal favourite is cross country skiing

· Snow shoeing is fun and sometimes very practical

· Take the kids tobogganing

· Nobody’s stopping you from going for a walk!

· Shovelling snow – it may be a chore but it’s a fantastic workout

Winter is long. It can be a waiting game until summer or it can be a whole world of fun. The choice is really up to you. Personally, I choose fun.


  1. I don't live in a place that is very cold, but I agree that once you get moving your body will warm up and you'll even sweat.

    My sweat smells like gardenias.

  2. lol, gardenia sweat, nice. I'm sure the people I live with wish mine smelled like gardenias too. Too bad they're out of luck ;-)