Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Weigh In

Hey Hey!

I can't believe it, but I held steady this week! I'm really relieved. You may bask in my awesomeness if you want.

I missed my run last week, so I'm going to do it today.

I know some of us haven't had the best couple of weeks on record, but it's OK. Nobody makes or breaks their weight in a week or two. Jump back on the horse and ride on. Get out and enjoy the beautiful weather, now that there's nice weather to be had.

Don't forget, walking, cycling, gardening, dancing, it's all exercise. Do something, anything, and you'll feel better which will make you WANT to eat better, which will make you feel better still.

Let's hear how you did this week and, if you want, let's hear how you plan to do better over the next week. If we plan our awesomeness together, we'll all succeed. Go Team Awesome!


  1. I am shocked that I stayed the same. In the back of my mind I was going to really start my weight loss again starting today, so I ate all sort of food I should have not ate. This week I am going to stop using the word try and I am going to do it. This week I am going to track my calories and I am going to stay between 1200 to 1400, and go to the gym 3 times this week. I also hope to get out for a few walks since the weather is going to be nice. I am going to lose weight this week hopefully more than a pound. I feel like I am finally ready to do this again.

  2. Holding steady here too. I give up on trying to exercise properly...I figure I'll just try staying busy and not sitting on the couch! I'm sorta jealous you got to eat all those yummy peeps and not gain!

  3. Okay well, I didn't lose any but I didn't gain any either. I was afraid to get on the scale this morning as Brooke and I were away and eating health and controlling portions while away was kinda hard!!
    Friday night for supper I had a ham sub from subway (that's good right?), Saturday we went to some restaurant where I had a grilled chicken with peppers, onions & feta cheese and opted for rice and veggies as my sides (good??).
    However, yesterday after Brooke was done swimming she wanted McDonald's, which is kinda her treat after a weekend of swimming her butt off!! There is not a whole lot on that menu that is good for you!!! So, I cracked and had a Big Mac Meal (bad!!! that is your days worth of calories in one flippin' meal!!)
    The hotel had the free breakfast deal so I had a OJ, tea and bagel with cream cheese for Breakfast both Sat & Sun.
    And as I sat around the pool for 4hrs each day, I kinda just snacked on fruit & veggies.
    And I wasn't able to work out on the weekend, however, we took the stairs to our room when we weren't loaded down with luggage!!
    So, overall, I'm feeling pretty good.

    I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get the the gym this week though as I have to get ready for another Swim Meet away this weekend. But maybe Brooke and I will go for a walk around the neighbourhood.

  4. ooops, I gained 4 lbs. goal. lose 4 lbs in 2 weeks max.

  5. YOU'VE WON AN AWARD! Come pick it up! :)

  6. Tim Hortons just came out with a candy bar donut...I'm so screwed

  7. I know. The donut world is buzzing with the news. Have you tried it yet? Or are you still 'master of your domain'?

  8. I halfed one with Neil so, better than the whole thing. It was soooooo freaking good. Puts the m&m frosty to shame