Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Was A.W.O.L. - But Now I'm BACK

I can almost guarantee tomorrow's weigh-in will be bad, I write as I brush cookie crumbs off my shirt.

I've had a terrible week. I blame the Easter bunny and the psychedelic Peeps and assorted chocolate he left behind.
I ate badly. That probably goes without saying. I managed to heave my chocolate laden butt off the couch for one workout all this week...and it was this afternoon. I was sleeping really weird hours too. I'm kind of nocturnal and with no one around to keep me in check (the husband was on nights) I stayed up 'till ridiculous o'clock but still had to get up, with the little guy, and function in the morning. As a result, I was grouchy like a bear with a rash. I was TOTALLY unmotivated and wasn't writing much of anything.

Early this afternoon, though, I felt my mood lift. The grouchy clouds parted and my motivation returned. I guess I was a little burned out this week, but the fire's back, baby!

It's on again - though tomorrow's weigh-in won't reflect it - wa wa waaaaaaa


  1. stoppin by from SITS!!! Nice blog!!!

  2. You were probably grouchy because of all the refined sugar you ate! lol

    I love Easter because of Christ's resurrection, but the candy has GOT to go. I ate WAY too much during that time. Terrible.

    AND...I only worked out once last week too. :(

  3. I had a bad week, but I am not surprised. I have also been eating easter chocolate and candy. I agree lets blame it on the easter bunny.

  4. I too have had a bad week. no workouts, tons of candy. I have decided that since the so far I have been so up and down that I really haven't lost more than a pound or so since christmas, I'm kicking it into gear while my husband is in school. so for the next 3 months I'm hard core calerie counting workout crazy person. I don't like being grouchy and I'm never grouchy when I'm eating healthy and working out, so why would I have gone back to my miserable ways I ask you....because it's easier that's why. Well, I'm not easy anymore darn it!

  5. Don't worry guys. Stepping on the scale is the first step in getting back on track. At least we can all agree that we're glad nhoward isn't easy anymore.