Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Tomorrow is the first day of the September-October challenge. Are you ready? Are you excited?

I'm getting a great response on this. A number of people have expressed an interest in joining in this challenge, be it tomorrow or in the coming days. Feel free to join in whenever and however you want.

People are already starting to share elements of their weight loss strategy. I thought I'd throw some of my strategies out there too.

I'm going to use Weight Watchers Online. It's worked well for me in the past and I know it will work this time too. I am, however, going to tweak my approach, ever so slightly.

In the past, I've planned my day to ensure that I have enough 'points' to have a snack in the evening. I would skimp on my meals and reserve enough points for some baked chips, or a bit of chocolate. The snack was always junk, but it was a reward at the end of the day and I looked forward to it each evening.

It worked and I lost the weight. The problem came when I started to maintain my weight loss. I continued my ritual evening snack, but the chips weren't baked anymore, and the servings got larger and larger. Needless to say, the weight started to creep back on. I'm fairly convinced that my meals and snacks through the day are reasonable. My downfall is this evil after dinner snack.

Realising this, I am going to spend the September-October challenge, trying to reduce my dependence on the evening pig-out. I know I can loose the weight if I hunker down, but I want to maintain it this time.

Let's make this the LAST weight loss challenge we'll ever need!

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