Friday, July 2, 2010

First Weigh In of the Two Month Challenge

I weighed myself this morning. The number was nothing to be proud of, but on the up side, it was no worse than I expected. I think that two months is a reasonable amount of time to get the job done.

I'm pretty sure my husband weighed himself this morning too...not sure what the result was. I'll have to ask him tonight.

You may wonder how I know he weighed himself, if he didn't tell me the result. Well, you see, I'm omniscient. Also, the scale had been switched over to kilograms and I had to flick it back over to pounds. My anally retentive husband conducts his life in metric whether the rest of the world wants to join him or not. He always weighs himself in kilos...I think he does it so I won't know what he really weighs.

Is anybody else in on this with us? If so, let us know how you are making out.


  1. Brooke and I are in!! We weighed ourselves and are not happy!

  2. Well I know what Brooke is going to do for exercise :)